Sharpening Services Disclaimer

Updated: June 2024


Sharpening Services Disclaimer

Thank you for choosing Tweezerman! As a courtesy, we provide sharpening services in connection with certain Tweezerman implements. By utilizing our sharpening program, you agree, understand, and accept the following conditions that may arise during the sharpening and transit process:

  • Implements lost in transit by the carrier (USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.) are not the responsibility of Tweezerman. As such, Tweezerman recommends sending items with insured postage.
  • Implements may be damaged or lost during the sharpening process while in Tweezerman’s possession. If an item is lost while in Tweezerman ‘s possession, Tweezerman will replace the implement with a comparable item if the exact model is no longer available.
  • If implements are determined to be un-sharpenable or ineligible for sharpening by Tweezerman, in its sole discretion, the items will be sent back to you.
  • To optimize our sharpening process, a sharpening form is required to be completed and  must be mailed with all implements provided to Tweezerman for sharpening. Failure to do so will result in the implements being sent back to you un-sharpened.
  • All implements must adhere to our current product guarantee found on or Tweezerman no longer honors guarantees for products prior to 2021. 

Again, we thank you for choosing the Tweezerman sharpening program. We sincerely believe in your investment in high quality beauty tools and aim to ensure we provide the best services to reduce your waste consumption. We love seeing the industry’s movement to an eco-friendlier future, and as a brand, we believe in providing choices that lead to a more sustainable beauty routine.



If you have any questions regarding Sharpening Services, please contact us at 









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