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Company Overview

Over 40 years ago, Tweezerman began its mission to bring high quality, innovative, and best in class tools to the beauty industry. Our position as the beauty tool experts has empowered us to take our niche beauty brand to the next level, setting the highest standards of quality, reliability, innovation and service in our category. Our passionate and loyal fan base motivates the brand to keep developing tools that help consumers look and feel their very best. With consumer loyalty and brand integrity at their core, Tweezerman’s continued mission is to strive for exceptional quality, innovation and education with every beauty tool sold. 

At Tweezerman, our mission has always been to deliver high-quality and best in class tools to our customers, while setting the benchmark for reliability, innovation and service in the beauty category. As we continue to develop precision tools that help our users look and feel their very best, we strongly believe that their pets deserve the same level of care and attention.​

We are on a mission to extend our expertise in crafting innovative, reliable, safe and high-quality grooming solutions for your best friend –your pet. Developed alongside leading pet industry professionals, we create products that keep pets safe, healthy, happy and looking their very best for their next adventure. Spanning across various categories, we aim to fulfil a pet parent’s need to groom their furry friend using professional quality tools certified by experts, in the comfort of their home.

With consumer loyalty and brand integrity at the core of what we do, we continue to strive for exceptional standards, innovation and education with every pet tool sold.​

Tweezerman belongs to the ZWILLING Beauty Group, a leading beauty tool company with subsidiaries and production sites in the US, Europe, India and China.



Social Responsibility

We are dedicated to contributing to a better world by supporting our communities both locally and globally. Giving back to the society we live in and helping people in need is an integral part of our role and responsibilities in running a growing and profitable business. Our Second Bottom Line, in which we dedicate a share of our profits to charitable causes, is and has always been an important core value of Tweezerman.


All values are considered in the operation of our company: customers, employees, community, and environment. We operate a sustainable business and care for our workers and our neighbors. We make sure that our products, processes and competitive sourcing don’t harm the environment or the people who work for our vendors. Tweezerman became a signatory to the UN Global Compact in March 2002. The Compact’s 10 principles, (which set standards for business practices in the areas of human rights, labor rights and environmental sustainability), have guided our efforts in providing a safe, healthy and positive working environment for our employees, while also being friendly to the environment. We have been working diligently to take environmentally positive steps towards global sustainability as part of our Second Bottom Line initiative. A move to solar power will undoubtedly brighten this very important aspect of our business model moving forward. Tweezerman will source clean, renewable energy and reduce energy costs.


Picture of Jurgen Bosse, CEO of TweezermanPicture of Jurgen Bosse, CEO of Tweezerman

Juergen Bosse, President and CEO

Juergen joined Tweezerman in 2012 after a successful career at various FMGC companies, including 16 years with Beiersdorf where he had global, regional and domestic assignments. Juergen is an instrumental driver for ongoing growth of the brand and further establishing Tweezerman as a top innovator in the beauty industry. He is responsible for all aspects of Tweezerman and the Zwilling Beauty Group family of beauty brands' US distribution. Juergen is also a member of the Board of Management at Zwilling Beauty Group, located in Duesseldorf, Germany.

What is your vision for the brand? To further increase brand awareness and make our consumers around the world happy by delivering innovation and superior quality.

Where is your favorite vacation spot? Mallorca, Spain

What is your best advice for pursuing a career in beauty? Be open and interested. Fall in love with the brand and the category.

What qualities stand out to you when talking to candidates? Personality, drive and excitement.

Michael Schley, CFO and COO

Michael joined Tweezerman in 2018.  As CFO & COO, Michael oversees the accounting and finance related functions as well as HR, SCM, Production and Logistics at Tweezerman. Michael has worked closely with Tweezerman’s leadership team to continue the expansion globally and domestically. Michael has over 15 years of experience building and leading finance and operations teams in global companies with significant operating scale and complexity. Prior to joining Tweezerman, Michael held various positions in finance and operations at a premium consumer goods company in the US and Europe.

What is your favorite part of your job? Working on projects that create a valuable future for our brand.

Where were you born? Germany

What are three skills you look for in candidates? I look for great communication as well as analytical and problem-solving skills.

What is your favorite part of NY? Montauk

Picture of Michael Schley, CFO and COOPicture of Michael Schley, CFO and COO

Picture of Christine Pascullo, Global VP of Digital and MarketingPicture of Christine Pascullo, Global VP of Digital and Marketing

Christine Pascullo, Global VP of Digital and Marketing

Christine joined Tweezerman in 2008. Since then, she has played an integral role in bringing award-winning innovation to Tweezerman’s tool categories. During Christine’s time at the company, brand awareness of Tweezerman, along with sister brands within the Zwilling Beauty Group portfolio, have grown year over year, strongly driven by local and global marketing initiatives. Her current focus is to build the digital strategy and grow the online presence for the Zwilling Beauty Group globally. 

What is the biggest marketing focus for future initiatives? The biggest focus is to engage with our consumers and grow our brand awareness. 

What is your favorite time of year in New York? If I were to pick one, I would say Spring because it brings new growth and opportunity. 

What is your best piece of advice for those looking to get into the field of marketing? You are your own brand – you want to give yourself as much exposure to different opportunities as possible and see where that brings you in your journey for a career in marketing. 

What is your favorite part of working for Tweezerman? This is such a wonderful brand to work on.  We all work so closely as a team and are committed to our vision and enjoy working together. I look forward to continuing to build upon its success.   

Val Ponder, VP of Sales, Americas

Val joined the Tweezerman Leadership Team in November of 2019.  Her main goal is to accelerate sales and drive brand awareness while delivering long-term sustainable growth for the brand and its customers. Val brings over 25 years of experience within the Beauty and Food FMCG industries from companies including Revlon, L’Oreal, Unilever and Coty. 

What is your best advice for anyone working in sales?  Be curious and ask questions. Take the time to learn the brand, spend an inordinate amount of your time at retail and be prepared to solve retailer problems. You can differentiate yourself by showing up with a well thought out creative solution.

Who is someone that you find to be an inspiration? I have always been inspired by strong, independent women starting with my Mom.  She instilled in me as a young person the importance of listening to others, gathering facts, and drawing your own conclusion.  She also taught me the art of diplomacy when expressing your opinion.

What is the most rewarding part of your job? Mentoring and helping others recognize their career goals and ambitions.  I have been fortunate in my career path to have strong mentors that have provided me with amazing advice and different points of view.

What advice would you give your 20-year-old self? Say “yes” to projects that will broaden and expand your background, take your time and don’t be in such a hurry to get to the finish line.  The experiences along the way will help you hone in on your true passion.  Enjoy and love what you do as your career will consume much of your time. 

Picture of Val Ponder, VP of Sales AmericaPicture of Val Ponder, VP of Sales America

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