Our Guarantee

We fully stand behind the manufacturing of our beauty and grooming tools and guarantee their performance. We offer free sharpening and repair services on Tweezerman beauty tools and pet collection. Eligible implements include: Full size or Mini Slant tweezers, Point Tweezers, Tick Tweezer, Scissors & Shears and cuticle nippers for as long as the implement can be sharpened, with no outbound shipping or handling charges and no processing fees. However, our Ultra Precision beauty tool series and any beauty tools with our metallic finishes cannot be sharpened due to their unique coating.

In the case of a manufacturing defect, Tweezerman will review each case and repair and/or replace at the brand’s discretion:

  • Lash curlers and lash tools, including the eyelash comb: up to 1 year from the date of purchase
  • Tweezers, Tick Tweezer, scissors, nippers: up to 2 years from date of purchase
  • Mirrors, skincare tools, manicure and pedicure tools, nose hair trimmer, shave brush, combs: up to 1 year from date of purchase
  • Pet Collection brushes, clippers, shampoo brushes: up to 1 year from date of purchase

We will not replace nail files, nail brushes, disposable razors, cosmetic sharpeners, cases, covers, accessory bags, tool packaging, or previously replaced items.


The Tweezerman guarantee does not apply to products that have been misused or modified, such as products from brands other than Tweezerman. These products have been repaired by anyone other than the Tweezerman Service Center or products purchased from an unauthorized seller. All implements must adhere to our current product guarantee found on Tweezerman.com or Tweezermanpet.com. Tweezerman no longer honors guarantees for products purchased prior to 2021. Tweezerman reserves the right to reject replacement, sharpening, or repair requests if it determines, in its sole discretion, that an implement is counterfeit or in cases of fraud or abuse of the policy.”



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